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Re: parse Perl in Perl? (was Re: specific plan (was Re: Working Group Proposal))

Nick Ing-Simmons
July 22, 2000 18:58
Re: parse Perl in Perl? (was Re: specific plan (was Re: Working Group Proposal))
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Dan Sugalski <> writes:
>At 09:51 AM 7/22/00 -0400, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:
>>At the conference, Dan suggested that it's imperative that this subset of
>>Perl be source-to-source translatable into C.  Even pa GCC front-end wouldn't
>>work, because we want it to be compatible with other compilers.
>I wasn't adamant that it went to C, so much as it went completely to some 
>language (rather than language implementation) we could be reasonably sure 
>was on most people's machines, which sort of means either C or C++. (Though 
>if someone wants to port BLISS I know where we can get sources... :)

I have not caught up yet either and agree with Dan's other mail 
part-quoted below - but this "perl in perl" is far from as weird 
as it seems at first - provided we are only talking about 
the source form and not using perl as the back end...

Chip's pre-C++ mechanism was to use "PI" (Perl Implementation language)
Chip then went on to say this is because he "hates".
Walking away from the Chip's talk Sarathy and I "realized" that 
while is useful perhaps it does not go far enough - rather 
than reading "something" and spewing a lot of CPP macros, perhaps
it should actually massage the C files so CPP did not have to.
Combining that idea and "PI" leads to perl-in-perl.

I note in passing too that he had immense success in a day-job
project by using a pre-processor-in-perl to allow VHDL to be 
written at a higher level; and also that Tk preprocesses (in perl)
the Tcl-ish C code to perl-ish C code

>This is *amazingly* true. The single biggest (in fact only, really) reason 
>there hasn't been much input from most of the folks at the conference is 
>that, well, we've all been at the conference. 
>Besides, there were real people (and sea 
>otters!) to see instead) 

Sea otters are cute! - but it was also good to discuss the implications
of perl's guts face to face - we only really sowed "seed corn" in these 
discussions - you will all see the real details as things proceeed.
But I think that it helped to get several of us if not on the "same page"
then at least looking on the same library shelf...

Nick Ing-Simmons
(Still in Monterey, and sunburned) Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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