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Re: Threads, reentrancy, and suchlike things (was: Re: Working Gr oup Proposal)

Paolo Molaro
July 24, 2000 10:23
Re: Threads, reentrancy, and suchlike things (was: Re: Working Gr oup Proposal)
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On 07/24/00 Moore, Paul wrote:
> Usually, portability. Assuming you mean glib which is part of the Gnome
> project, isn't that Unix-only? We have to consider Perl on Mac, Windows,
> VMS, OS/390, ...

I know someone ported gtk to VMS, so he should have ported glib 
first:-) Anyway glib should work without problems on any system
Perl corrently runs on.

> Agreed. But again, is libunicode available and supported on all platforms
> where Perl is? If not, are they receptive to portability patches for new
> platforms? And on a more people-oriented note, will those people who like to
> hack Perl unicode stuff, enjoy hacking on libunicode?

Actually, the new glib version integrates the needed libunicode bits
since the new gtk will have full support for utf8. There shouldn't be
any portability problems here.
BTW glib also supports a portable API for threading and dynamic module
loading (should work on beos, win32, os2, un*x).

> As long as their development communities agree. Not everyone's goals match
> those of Perl. Will the glib maintainers want patches to provide VMS/Mac/...
> support?

Portability patches were always gladly accepted if done right:-)

> > It helps them, because their libraries become more efficient and more
> > complete. It helps us, because we can develop a lot faster. 
> > It helps Joe Random Hacker, because, thanks to us, he's got a better
> > set of tools to work with. And it helps Perl PR, because "these Perl
> > guys are so nice, they provided a bunch of optimizations to our code".

FWIW, I think glib has a lot of code that can be useful in a 
reimplementation of Perl, though I guess you won't use the glib
hashtables for HVs:-) We would gain a lot of potential developers
that know the glib API already and could contribute to Perl
The thing I would value most, however, is clean code (of which
glib is an example: I don't use that indentation style, but it
looks to me very easy to read, ie no magic defines all over the 


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