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reliance on glib (was Re: Threads, reentrancy, and suchlike things (was: Re: Working Group Proposal))

Bradley M. Kuhn
July 24, 2000 20:23
reliance on glib (was Re: Threads, reentrancy, and suchlike things (was: Re: Working Group Proposal))
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> > On 07/24/00 Moore, Paul wrote:
> > > It's not a political issue. It's a legal one. The (L)GPL is a statement of
> > > permission, by the developer, of what conditions apply to the use if "his"
> > > (under copyright law) software.

> > > If we reuse code, we have to comply - both in terms of not violating the
> > > license of any software we reuse, and also in terms of not giving Perl a
> > > license which is incompatible with the license(s) of any of its components.

This is definitely true, and I don't actually see it as much of a down side,
though.  If we reuse Lesser GPL'ed code, we can still choose any license for
perl6 we want.  We of course must comply with the Lesser GPL, but there are
so many ways to easily comply.  Dynamic linking against the library is one
way to comply; providing the perl6 with any perl6 binary is another;
shipping the source of glib with any perl binary is yet another (which is
only needed for static linking anyway).

Given the many ways compliance can happen for Lesser GPL'ed code, I don't
see any down-sides.

> On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 06:47:10PM +0200, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> > I think Simon talked about *linking* with glib. That should be fine with
> > perl since it already links to another LGPL lib (libc). wrote:
> Does glib run on all platforms perl runs on?

I am sure we can port glib if need be, and I bet the changes would be
accepted by the glib developers, too.

>  If not, it has to be ported and distributed with perl, and we're back to
> the GPL problem again.

The Lesser GPL permits linking with even proprietary software anyway.  Since
we already distribute perl5 with a dual license, (Artistic|GPL), and we are
already doing the sorts of things the GPL requires anyway.  Adding a
dependency of Lesser GPL'ed code for perl6 shouldn't be much of a problem,
given the current perl5 licensing scheme.

I do understand that we must tread carefully when we make certain
dependencies.  Thus, I propose that we do examine each situation on a case
by case basis, and not dismiss any license out of hand as problematic until
we have written an RFC on the specific implications that license will have
on perl6.

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