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[svn:parrot] r35412 - trunk/lib/Parrot

January 11, 2009 05:22
[svn:parrot] r35412 - trunk/lib/Parrot
Message ID:
Author: bernhard
Date: Sun Jan 11 05:22:37 2009
New Revision: 35412


[perl] List more generated functions.

Modified: trunk/lib/Parrot/
--- trunk/lib/Parrot/	(original)
+++ trunk/lib/Parrot/	Sun Jan 11 05:22:37 2009
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-# Copyright (C) 2004-2008, The Perl Foundation.
+# Copyright (C) 2004-2009, The Perl Foundation.
 # $Id$
 =head1 NAME
-Parrot::Distribution - Parrot Distribution Directory
+Parrot::Distribution - Info on the Parrot Distribution
 =head1 SYNOPSIS
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@
 use ExtUtils::Manifest;
 use File::Spec;
 use lib qw( lib );
 use Parrot::BuildUtil ();
@@ -136,46 +137,60 @@
 =item C<is_git_co()>
-=item C<c_source_file_directories()>
+Check the type of checkout.
 =item C<c_header_file_directories()>
-=item C<pmc_source_file_directories()>
-=item C<yacc_source_file_directories()>
+=item C<c_source_file_directories()>
 =item C<lex_source_file_directories()>
 =item C<ops_source_file_directories()>
+=item C<perl_source_file_directories()>
+=item C<pir_source_file_directories()>
+=item C<pmc_source_file_directories()>
+=item C<yacc_source_file_directories()>
 Returns the directories which contain source files of the appropriate filetype.
-=item C<c_source_file_with_name($name)>
+=item C<c_header_file_with_name()>
-=item C<c_header_file_with_name($name)>
+=item C<c_source_file_with_name()>
-=item C<pmc_source_file_with_name($name)>
+=item C<lex_source_file_with_name()>
-=item C<yacc_source_file_with_name($name)>
+=item C<ops_source_file_with_name()>
-=item C<lex_source_file_with_name($name)>
+=item C<perl_source_file_with_name()>
-=item C<ops_source_file_with_name($name)>
+=item C<pir_source_file_with_name()>
-Returns the source file with the specified name and of the appropriate filetype.
+=item C<pmc_source_file_with_name()>
-=item C<c_source_files()>
+=item C<yacc_source_file_with_name()>
-=item C<c_header_files()>
+Returns the source file with the specified name and of the appropriate filetype.
-=item C<pmc_source_files()>
+=item C<c_header_files()>
-=item C<yacc_source_files()>
+=item C<c_source_files()>
 =item C<lex_source_files()>
 =item C<ops_source_files()>
+=item C<perl_source_files()>
+=item C<pir_source_files()>
+=item C<pmc_source_files()>
+=item C<yacc_source_files()>
 Returns a sorted list of the source files listed within the MANIFEST of
 Parrot.  Returns a list of Parrot::IO::File objects of the appropriate filetype. Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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