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[svn:parrot] r35916 - trunk/tools/dev

January 23, 2009 11:20
[svn:parrot] r35916 - trunk/tools/dev
Message ID:
Author: bernhard
Date: Fri Jan 23 11:19:58 2009
New Revision: 35916


[Pipp] Adapt POD for tools/dev/

Modified: trunk/tools/dev/
--- trunk/tools/dev/	(original)
+++ trunk/tools/dev/	Fri Jan 23 11:19:58 2009
@@ -19,24 +19,24 @@
 =head1 NAME
-tools/dev/ - Recreate MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP
+tools/dev/ - Create the file F<.gitignore>.
 =head1 SYNOPSIS
-    % perl tools/dev/
+    % perl tools/dev/
-Recreates MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP from the subversion properties
-and the output of C<svn status>. .
-So far tested with svn 1.2.0 and svn 1.4.2.  This also worked with svk 1.08,
-but to keep our tasks manageable, we only guarantee support for Subversion.
+This is a helper for users of git-svn. In an svn-checkout it creates
+a file called F<.gitignore> containing the files detailed in the subversion property
+C<svn:ignore>. This file can then be copied to a git-svn working directory.
-This won't work for git-svn.
+So beware, this works only for a svn checkout and the result is only useful
+for a git-svn checkout.
 =head1 SEE ALSO
+Parrot::Manifest. F<tools/dev/>.
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