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TONYC Grant Report February 2023 2 messages wolfsage, Tony Cook 31 Mar
readonly SVt_PVOBJ instances 1 message Zefram via perl5-porters 29 Mar
Re: Building perl without taint-mode 5 messages demerphq, David Cantrell 17 Sep 2022
Perl 5 Commit Summary 1 message Perl 5 commit summary 29 Mar
Re: 5.36.1 release? 3 messages demerphq, Karen Etheridge, Steve Hay via perl5-porters 31 Mar
PSC #102: 2023-03-R24 2 messages Darren Duncan, book 25 Mar
github changed ssh key? 3 messages HER, Dave Mitchell, Peter Mottram 24 Mar
Barewords as both FH and DH no longer works 3 messages David Nicol, Tony Cook, Darren Duncan 24 Mar
gcvt 2 messages Tomasz Konojacki, sisyphus 24 Mar
initfields CV visibility causes mayhem 2 messages demerphq, zefram via perl5-porters 22 Mar
bug report format 10 messages Zefram via perl5-porters, Ricardo Signes, demerphq, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 24 Mar
NOOP precedence problem 2 messages Zefram via perl5-porters, demerphq 22 Mar
Link 1 message sisyphus 22 Mar
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 25 Mar
Release announcement for perl 5.37.10 1 message demerphq 21 Mar
feature-class compiletime memory leak and SAVEDESTRUCTOR 2 messages Dave Mitchell, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 23 Mar
refaliasing disrespects readonlyness of array or hash 27 messages demerphq, Zefram via perl5-porters, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Dan Book 25 Mar
refaliasing breaks refcounting of field variable 2 messages zefram via perl5-porters, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 20 Mar
Re: Deprecation of smartmatch 9 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Martijn Lievaart, "Ruud H.G. van Tol" via perl5-porters, Darren Duncan 4 Dec
Heads up to get stuff merged before tomorrow. 1 message demerphq 19 Mar
the upcoming freezes 1 message Ricardo Signes 17 Mar
PSC #101, 2023-03-17 1 message Ricardo Signes 17 Mar
CPAN indexer and `class NameSpace` 2 messages Elvin Aslanov, Eric Brine 16 Mar
Proposal: Standardize to one space after full stops indocumentation, pod, comments, etc. 18 messages demerphq, Karl Williamson, Christian Walde, Ovid 27 Mar
Re: ExtUtils-MakeMaker 7.68 released 1 message demerphq 15 Mar
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 18 Mar
Questions about the my Foo $var syntax 6 messages demerphq, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, "Ruud H.G. van Tol" via perl5-porters, Dave Mitchell 13 Mar
Who is going to do the next releases? 8 messages demerphq, Ricardo Signes, Renée Bäcker, Karen Etheridge 20 Mar
Re: Managing Perl installations - summary 8 messages Ovid, demerphq, Joel Roth, Branislav Zahradník 11 Mar
PSC #100 2023-03-10 5 messages Darren Duncan, Vadim V Konovalov via perl5-porters, demerphq, "Ruud H.G. van Tol" via perl5-porters 11 Mar
Pre-RFC Deep constants 31 messages demerphq, Branislav Zahradník, Martijn Lievaart, "Ruud H.G. van Tol" via perl5-porters 13 Mar
Please Reconsider Deprecation Subcategories (Re: PSC #0842022-10-21) 11 messages Ricardo Signes, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Elvin Aslanov, Darren Duncan 29 Oct
non-grapheme delimiters not properly prohibited 1 message zefram via perl5-porters 8 Mar
strictness and "use 5.whatever" 19 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Zefram via perl5-porters, demerphq, Graham Knop 20 Mar
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 11 Mar
Managing Perl installations 30 messages Ovid, demerphq, Oodler 577 via perl5-porters, Joel Roth 15 Mar
unparenthesised macro expansions 2 messages demerphq, Zefram via perl5-porters 7 Mar
Amending the perlsub documentation about empty returns 4 messages Robert Rothenberg, Dan Book, demerphq 12 Mar
DAVEM TPF Grant#3 Jan,Feb 2023 report 3 messages wolfsage, Dave Mitchell, demerphq 6 Mar
Disabling the peephole optimiser 2 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, wolfsage 6 Mar
Re: 5.36.1 release? 1 message Steve Hay via perl5-porters 3 Mar
PSC #099: 2023-03-03 6 messages Elvin Aslanov, Scott Baker, Alexander Hartmaier, book 6 Mar
TONYC Grant Report January 2023 3 messages wolfsage, Tony Cook, Ricardo Signes 4 Mar
"piracy" misinformation 29 messages Zefram via perl5-porters, demerphq, Dan Book, Tomasz Konojacki 4 Mar
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 4 Mar
Re: PERL_RC_STACK branch: first cut 36 messages demerphq, Dave Mitchell, "Ruud H.G. van Tol" via perl5-porters, Darren Duncan 23 Mar
Re: Deprecation doesn't mean we have two release cycles beforethings break. 43 messages demerphq, Darren Duncan, "G.W. Haywood" via perl5-porters, Karen Etheridge 31 Mar

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