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Deprecation doesn't mean we have two release cycles before thingsbreak. 45 messages demerphq, "G.W. Haywood" via perl5-porters, Darren Duncan, Karen Etheridge 28 Feb
Re: [Perl/perl5] BBC: Blead Breaks Method::Signatures (Issue #20860) 1 message demerphq 27 Feb
PERL_RC_STACK branch: first cut 36 messages demerphq, Dave Mitchell, "Ruud H.G. van Tol" via perl5-porters, Darren Duncan 28 Feb
Digest::SHA warns under gcc-12 [ #146585] 3 messages demerphq, demerphq via RT, Mark Shelor via RT 25 Feb
compile error on HP-UX 1 message H.Merijn Brand 24 Feb
Perl 5 Commit Summary 8 messages Perl 5 commit summary, William Farrell via perl5-porters, demerphq, "G.W. Haywood" via perl5-porters 25 Feb
Release announcement for perl 5.37.9 9 messages Ovid, Tom Molesworth via perl5-porters, Karen Etheridge, Michael Schaap 28 Feb
Unused bits in defines and standardized define notation. 3 messages demerphq, Dave Mitchell 22 Feb
Possible Embed.fnc conflicts (I sorted the file) 5 messages demerphq, Dave Mitchell 22 Feb
Re: [ #146585] Digest::SHA warns under gcc-12 1 message demerphq 19 Feb
bring out yer deltas! 8 messages Karen Etheridge, James E Keenan, Richard Leach, Elvin Aslanov 18 Feb
PSC #098: 2023-02-17 2 messages Oodler 577 via perl5-porters, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 17 Feb
Windows and Visual Studio Build 8 messages demerphq, Vadim V Konovalov via perl5-porters, Tomasz Konojacki, Chase Whitener 16 Feb
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 18 Feb
test "lib/Benchmark" running ( stuck? ) for 12 hours+ 20 messages Dennis Clarke via perl5-porters, demerphq, wolfsage, Karen Etheridge 26 Feb
why print map {$_} @$t; autovivifies $t but print @$t; doesn't? 4 messages Vadim V Konovalov via perl5-porters, Dan Book, William Farrell via perl5-porters 10 Feb
PSC #097: 2023-02-10 35 messages demerphq, Christian Walde, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, "G.W. Haywood" via perl5-porters 22 Feb
Re: Bundling SSL modules in core [was: PSC #093: 2023-01-13] 46 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Martijn Lievaart, Dan Book, demerphq 10 Feb
Fixing attributes nits 4 messages Ovid, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 10 Feb
Safety of Storable interface when $Storable::flags = 0 2 messages demerphq, Aliz Hammond via perl5-porters 10 Feb
Unit tests failing on blead for simple doc fixes? 6 messages Tony Cook, Scott Baker, demerphq, James E Keenan 10 Feb
perl-5.37.8 breaks openssl-3.0.8 9 messages Uwe Düffert, James E Keenan, demerphq 9 Feb
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 11 Feb
Makefile syntax portability 7 messages Branislav Zahradník, demerphq, Tony Cook, James E Keenan 9 Feb
5.36.1 release? 8 messages Elvin Aslanov, Karen Etheridge, Steve Hay via perl5-porters, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 6 Feb
Impending Doom ^W Merge on `feature-class` branch 7 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Darren Duncan, Dave Mitchell, Elvin Aslanov 10 Feb
Re: Can anyone help with one failing ASAN test? 8 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, demerphq, James E Keenan 4 Feb
PSC #096: 2023-02-03 2 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 3 Feb
Re: TONYC Grant Report December 2022 3 messages Tony Cook, wolfsage, demerphq 2 Feb
Re: RFC0013 - how should overload `substr` interact with `nomethod` 14 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Ovid, Oodler 577 via perl5-porters, Graham Knop 13 Feb
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 4 Feb
Re: Applying Hyrums law to PERL_USE_VOLATILE_API and experimentalfeatures 14 messages demerphq, Dave Mitchell, sisyphus, "G.W. Haywood" via perl5-porters 4 Feb

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